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Empowering your business with cutting-edge tools and functionalities.
Chat with Single or Multiple Files at the Same Time
Engage in seamless conversations with your documents like never before. Our software allows you to effortlessly chat with one or multiple files simultaneously, enabling dynamic interactions and efficient collaboration.
Get Citation for Every Answer
Say goodbye to manual citation hassles. Our software automatically generates accurate citations for every answer provided, ensuring credibility and streamlining your research or documentation process.
Get Related Page Answers
Unlock the power of context with our related page answers feature. Instantly retrieve relevant information from associated pages, enriching your discussions and expanding your knowledge base effortlessly.
Intuitive Interface
Enjoy a user-friendly and intuitive interface for seamless navigation and boost productivity.
Add or Remove Documents from Chat
Take control of your conversations with the flexibility to add or remove documents on the fly. Seamlessly tailor your chat experience to suit your needs, ensuring precision and relevance with every interaction.
Automatic Response Translation
Break down language barriers effortlessly with our automatic response translation feature. Instantly translate responses into your preferred language, enabling smooth communication and fostering global collaboration without boundaries.


Transparent and flexible options tailored to suit your needs.
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Perfect for getting started! Experience the magic of AI-enhanced documents at no cost
3 pdf upload max
4 MB max/file
10 Questions/day
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per month
Elevate your document interaction with unlimited chats, full conversation history, and priority support
50 PDF uploads
20 MB max/file
Unlimited chat
200 questions/day
Priority support
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per month
Go all out on features! Get everything in the standard Plan, plus priority document processing and access to new features.
All features in Standard plan
unlimited PDF uploads
4GB max/file
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